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Free Solar Power Valley Village CA

Green Solar

You own the sunlight. Well, not precisely, but you do have the right to the power.

Why don’t you put it? With solar technology, you’ll be able to turn your rooftop

into an electric plant.

From Sand to Sun

Step 1: Sand

Understand what sort of humble speck of sand achieves the capacity to change sunshine into


Sand: Poor Starts


Many solar panels created now are made from Silicon, the second most

Abundant element in beach sand on the ingredient that is principal and Earth. The first

In producing a solar panel step will be to produce silicon ingots, blocks that are large of

high-purity (99.999999%) silicon. To do this, we set hundreds of lbs of

silicon hunks (i.e. rocks) in to a large crucible and add a small boron

(called a ‘dopant’) to give the silicon good polarity. Afterward, it is cooked by us

Wholly at more than 2 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit!


Next, we allow before slicing it the large silicon ingot cool down

wafers using cable saws.

thick – related to a heavy piece of paper. These wafers should be attentively

Managed, inspected and cleaned before further processing. After prepared, we reduce

texturing process that generates tiny pyramids to the wafer’s surface. Now, when

A photon hits the surface, it is prone to be mirrored into the of the wafer

wafer as opposed to again back to space.

Solar Tissues: From “Photo” to “Voltaic”



It is period to flip our silicon wafer into a thing that turns sunlight into

electricity. Where one’s heart of a solar panel, the solar cell, is that is

Formally born. To achieve this, we first inject phosphorus into the silicon wafer

At temperatures that are high. Subsequently, the phosphorous is carefully cleaned by us off the backside

surface and around the borders of the wafer. Now we now have a photovoltaic (photograph =

Light, voltaic electricity; thereby, “light into energy”) device! We deposit, next

metal contacts on the top and back surfaces of the cell, enabling us to

Accumulate those electrons generated in the silicon. We also deposit a thin

Substance coating on the surface to reduce its reflectivity from about 10% of the cell

to 1%.

Solar Panel Assembly



We chain together 48, 60, or 72 of our solar cells, to make a solar panel

and place them carefully within an encapsulant, which attaches high-transparency

Glass-on the front surface and also an extremely tough, plastic-centered backsheet on

the butt. Then, we warm the entire bunch (like a done solar hoagie) to

Develop a protective cocoon around the cells that are solar. Next, for structural

Stability and long-term defense, we place inflexible aluminum frames around the

perimeter, bonded together with a waterproof adhesive. Eventually, we a DD a

Junction box to the trunk of the solar panel: a connector to ease the

Today, the solar panel is ready for quality screening,

Packaging, and shipping.

Sun: Energy

The sunlight help you save cash. Write a book, make coffee, or watch on a football match

TV: you select what to do with your electricity that is solar. Additionally, solar

Panels do n’t have any pollutants plus they do noise is made by n’t: they simply sit there

and do their job. Finally, take pride in the efforts you’ve created to

combat climate change and to ensure a sustainable future for all.

The Global Solar Movements is Here


It is Plentiful.

Solar power is every where. You might not have the ability to search acrylic or a coalmine well

In your backyard, but with Green Solar panels nature’s can be harnessed by you

highest supply of electricity.

Sunlight transmits enough energy to Earth each hr to fulfill individual energy demands

for a complete yr! It’s the world’s most plentiful and accessible resource of


It’s Cost-Effective.

Any severe, long term global energy source should be scalable. Fossil fuels are

Typically supply constrained: as desire rises, so do costs. With solar

Panels, as demand goes up: it’s the exact contrary, costs tend to go down!

The solar industry’s studying curve has been unprecedented. For the past 30

Each increasing in world-wide solar panel creation and a have related years

Approximately 25% reduction in solar panel costs.

It’s Sustainable.

How can we wish to depart on the Earth for our children?

Silicon solar panels are, and generate electricity without noise or emissions

comprised nearly completely of recyclable stuff (such as silicon, silver, and

Aluminium). Moreover, solar (photovoltaic) panels tend not to require water for

operation. This can be significantly very important to lasting communities


Learn mo Re about Green Solar’s dedication to sustainability in our personal solar panel creation procedures.

Background of Solar

200 B.C.

Legend maintains that a Greek researcher, Archimedes, employed a series of showcases on

The sun electricity to be concentrated by the coastline and set fireplace to enemy that is incoming


Photovoltaic Effect

A.E. Becquerel detected that beaming light on particular stuff might cause

the creation of electric current. This was the launching point for

photovoltaic technologies.


Our solar panel manufacturing process is described by world-class technologies,

An expansive global supply, and premium quality workmanship chain. We use

industry-leading equipment from Europe, the U.S., Taiwan, and Asia; employ

Thousands of employees equally upstream and down stream in the solar

energy industry; and endure behind our commitment to quality.

Vertical Integration

We are one of the world’s greatest producers of silicon solar panels from

“sand to sunshine.” That means we control the entire production process, from

Poly silicon to solar panel assembly and from solar cell production to wafers.

Highly automated production of wafers, ingots, solar cells and panels ensures

Restricted control of our materials and production quality.

Advantages of vertical integration include:


Strict quality-control measures at all stages of the process that is production
Elimination of redundancies
Reduced carbon emissions
Continuous process and cost-optimization over the PV value chain
Research & Advancement Labs

Green Power started the solar business’s sales – largest after and R&D

service center, which is found in Madrid, Spain. As the simply solar PV

manufacturer to establish its own comprehensive product evaluation, screening,

And service center in Europe, Green Vitality delivers improved customer service

to European customers through every stage of the project lifecycle.

Green Solar panels are well within regulatory conditions for toxicity based

on Toxicity Characteristic Using Procedure (TCLP) testing and so are not

considered hazardous-waste. In addition it’s possible to recycle our solar panels.

With PV ROUTINE, we currently function in US to manage the return and recycling of

We and solar panels are devoted to recycling retired solar panels.

To find out more on our sustainability dedications, please observe our latest

Company sustainability record. For recycling information in your area,