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Free Solar Power Tarzana CA

Green Solar

The sunlight is owned by you. Well, not exactly, but that you do have the right to its power.

Why not put it? With solar technologies, you can turn your rooftop

into an electric place.

How Solar Panels Are Made

From Sand to Sun

Step 1: Sand

Understand how a humble speck of sand reaches the power to change sunlight into


Sand: Modest Beginnings


Most solar panels created today are made the 2nd most, from Silicon

Plentiful element in beach sand on the ingredient that is main along with Earth. The first

In making a solar panel measure is to generate silicon ingots, blocks that are giant of

high-purity (99.999999%) silicon. We put a huge selection of lbs of, to try this

silicon chunks (i.e. rocks) in to a giant crucible and add a tiny boron

(Known as a ‘dopant’) to supply the silicon good polarity. Then, it is cooked by us

Altogether at more than 2 2,000

Ingots & Wafers

Next, we permit before cutting it into thin, the silicon ingot that is large cool off

wafers utilizing wire tools. Each fresh cut silicon wafer is less than 200 microns

thick – comparable to some hefty piece of paper. These wafers must be attentively

handled, inspected and washed before additional processing. After ready, we reduce

texturing process that generates tiny pyramids on the wafer’s area. Now, when

A photon hits on the wafer’s surface, it is more prone to be reflected into the

wafer in the place of again in to space.

Solar Cells: From “Photography” to “Voltaic”



It is time to to show our silicon wafer in to a thing that turns sunlight into

electricity. This can be where the center of a solar panel, the solar cell, is

officially produced. To get this done, we first inject phosphorus to the silicon wafer

At heat. Afterward, we carefully clean the phosphorous off the rear

surface and around the borders of the wafer. Now we now have a solar (photograph =

Mild, voltaic = energy; hence, “light into electricity”) device! We deposit, next

Steel contacts on the top and rear floors of the cell, enabling us to

Accumulate these electrons created in the silicon. In addition , we deposit a thin

Chemical level on the area to cut back its reflectivity from approximately ten% of the cell

to 1%.

Solar Panel Assembly



To produce a solar panel, we chain together 4-8, 60, or 72 of our solar cells

and lay them carefully within an encapsulant, which attaches large-transparence

Glass-on the front surface and a highly tough, polymer-centered backsheet on

the butt. Afterward, we warm the whole stack (such as a toasted solar sandwich) to

Develop a protective cocoon around the solar cells. Next, for structural

Stability and longterm protection, we set aluminum frames that are inflexible around the

Margin, bonded together using a waterproof adhesive. Eventually, we add a

Junction box to the rear of the solar panel: a connector to facilitate the

flow of electricity. Now, the solar panel is prepared for quality testing,


Sun: Energy

The sun help you save cash. Compose a publication, make coffee, or see a football match on

TV: you pick what to do along with your electricity that is solar. Furthermore, solar

Panels do n’t have some pollutants and they don’t make noise: they merely sit there

Finally, take satisfaction in the contributions you’ve got created to

combat climatechange and also to ensure a lasting future for all.

The Global Solar Movement is Here


It is Abundant.

Solar energy is everywhere. You may be unable to dig a coal-mine or acrylic well

With Green Solar panels you are able to use nature’s, although in your back yard

Greatest way to obtain power.

The sun transmits enough energy to Planet each hour to satisfy individual energy demands

for a whole year! It’s the world’s accessible and most plentiful supply of


It’s Cost-Effective.

Any severe, longterm international energy source has to be scalable. Fossil powers are

Typically supply constrained: so do costs, as demand rises.

Panels, it’s the exact contrary: as demand rises, prices have a tendency to move down!

The solar business’s learning curve continues to be unparalleled. For the past 30

Years, each doubling in global solar panel production h-AS linked with a

Around 25% reduction in solar panel costs.

It’s Lasting.

How can we wish to leave on the Planet for our children?

Silicon solar panels produce electricity without noise or emissions, and are

comprised nearly completely of recyclable materials (like silicon, silver, and

Aluminium). Furthermore, solar (photovoltaic) panels don’t require water for

Functioning. This really is significantly important for sustainable communities


Learn more about Green Solar’s dedication to durability in our own solar panel creation processes.

Background of Solar

200 B.C.

Legend maintains that a Greek scientist, Archimedes, employed a series of mirrors on

The shoreline to condense the sun’s electricity and set fire to in-Coming enemy


Solar Effect

A.E. Becquerel found that glowing mild on certain substances might cause

the creation of electrical current. This was the launching point for

photovoltaic technology.


Our solar panel manufacturing process is defined by world class technology,

An expansive international supply, and premium quality workmanship chain. We utilise

industry-major equipment from Europe, the United States, Taiwan, and Asia; employment

Hundreds of thousands of workers equally upstream and down-stream in the solar

Energy-industry; and stand behind our dedication to quality.


We’re one of the world’s biggest producers of silicon solar panels from

“sand to sun.” That means we control the complete manufacturing procedure, from

Poly silicon to wafers and from solar cell generation to solar panel assemblage.

Highly automatic creation of solar cells, wafers, ingots and panels ensures

Restricted control of production quality and our materials.

Advantages of integration include:


Stringent quality-control steps a-T all stages of the process that is manufacturing
Removal of redundancies
Carbon emissions that are reduced
Constant cost and process optimization along the PV value chain
Research & Improvement Labs

Eco-friendly Energy opened the photovoltaic sector’s sales – largest following and R&D

Service-center, which is found in Madrid, Spain. As the simply solar PV

manufacturer to set up its own comprehensive product assessment, testing,

And support center in Europe, Green Vitality delivers improved client service

to European customers through every period of the project lifecycle.

Solar Panel Recycling

on Toxicity Characteristic Draining Procedure (TCLP) screening and aren’t

Regarded hazardous waste. It is also potential to recycle our solar panels.

In USA, we now work with PV CYCLE to handle re-cycling and the return of

Solar panels and we have been dedicated to recycling retired solar panels.

To find out more on our sustainability obligations, please observe our latest

Business durability record. For recycling information in your region,

please con Tact: