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Free Solar Power Encino CA

Green Solar

You possess the sun. Well, not exactly, but you do have the right to the electricity.

Why don’t you get it to good use? With technology that is solar, you can change your rooftop

into a power plant.

From Sand to Sunlight

Step 1: Sand

Discover how the capacity to change sunlight into is attained by a modest speck of sand


Sand: Poor Beginnings


Most solar panels created nowadays are created the 2nd most, from Silicon

Abundant element on Earth and also the ingredient that is main in beach sand.

For making a solar panel, step would be to produce silicon ingots, blocks that are giant of

high-purity (99.999999%) silicon. To do this, we put numerous pounds of

silicon chunks (i.e. rocks) into a large crucible and include a little boron

(Referred to as a ‘dopant’) to give the silicon good polarity. Then, it is cooked by us

Completely at more than 2 2,000


We let the big silicon ingot cool-down before cutting it into thin

wafers using wire tools.

thick – similar to a heavy piece of paper. These wafers have to be carefully

handled, inspected and cleaned before further processing. After prepared, we reduce

texturing procedure that generates tiny pyramids to the wafer’s area. Now, when

A photon strikes the area, it’s more inclined to be mirrored into the of the wafer

wafer instead of again into space.

Solar Cells: From “Photo” to “Voltaic”



It is the right time to time to to show our silicon wafer in to a thing that turns sunlight into

electricity. Where one’s heart of a solar panel, the solar cell, is this is

officially born. To get this done, we first provide phosphorus to the silicon wafer

At temperatures that are high. Subsequently, we carefully clean the phosphorous off the back

surface and around the edges of the wafer. Now we’ve got a photovoltaic (photo =

Mild, voltaic electricity; thereby, “light into energy”) device! Next

Steel contacts on the top and back floors of the cell, allowing us to

Accumulate those electrons generated in the silicon. In addition , we deposit a thin

Chemical layer on the area to cut back its reflectivity from about ten% of the cell

to 1%.


We chain together 4-8, 60, or 72 of our solar cells, to produce a solar panel

and place them carefully within an encapsulant, which attaches large-transparence

Glass-on the front-surface as well as a highly durable, polymer-based backsheet on

the backside. Then, we warm the whole bunch (like a toasted solar hoagie) to

Create a protective cocoon around the cells that are solar.

Stability and long term protection, we place aluminum frameworks that are rigid around the

Margin, bonded together using a waterproof mastic. Eventually, we include a

Junction box to the trunk of the panel that is solar: a connector to ease the

Now, the solar panel is ready for quality testing,

Packaging, and delivery.

Sun: Energy

Sit right back once your solar panel is installed on your rooftop, relax, and let

You are saved money by the sun. Write a book, make coffee, or view on a football match

Television: you select how to proceed with your solar electricity. Also, solar

Panels do n’t have any emissions and they don’t make sound: they just sit there

Ultimately, take satisfaction in the contributions you’ve made to

combat climatechange and to ensure a sustainable potential for all.

The Worldwide Solar Movements is Here


It really is Plentiful.

Solar technology is every where. You may not have the ability to search oil or a coal-mine well

In your backyard, but with Green Solar panels nature’s can be harnessed by you

highest way to obtain power.

The sun sends enough energy to Planet each hour to meet individual power demands

for a complete year! It’s the world’s accessible and most plentiful source of


It’s Affordable.

Any serious, long-term global energy-source has to be scalable. Fossil fuels are

Usually supply constrained: as desire goes up, so do costs.

Panels, as demand rises it’s the exact contrary, costs are inclined to move down!

The solar business’s studying contour continues to be unparalleled. For the last 30

Each increasing in international solar panel production and a have correlated years

About 25% decrease in solar panel costs.

It’s Lasting.

How do we wish to leave the Earth for our kids?

Silicon solar panels are, and generate electricity without noise or emissions

comprised nearly entirely of recyclable stuff (like silicon, silver, and

aluminum). In addition, solar (photovoltaic) panels do not require water for

operation. This is critically essential for sustainable communities around the


Find out more about Green Solar’s commitment to durability in our personal solar panel production processes.

History of Solar

200 B.C.

Legend maintains that a Greek researcher, Archimedes, used a series of showcases on

The coastline to condense the sun electricity and set hearth to in coming enemy


Photovoltaic Effect

A.E. Becquerel discovered that beaming light on particular materials might cause

the creation of electric current. It was the launching stage for

photovoltaic technology.


Our solar panel manufacturing process is described by world-class technology,

High quality workmanship, and an expansive international supply chain. We utilize

Sector-leading gear from Europe, the United States, Taiwan, and Japan; employ

Thousands and thousands of workers both upstream and downstream in the solar

Energy-industry; and endure behind our commitment to quality.


We’re just one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of silicon solar panels from

“sand to sunshine.” That means we control the entire production procedure, from

Poly silicon to solar panel assembly and from solar cell generation to wafers.

Highly automated creation of ingots, wafers, solar cells and panels ensures

Restricted management of production quality and our stuff.

Gains of integration include:


Strict quality control steps at all phases of the procedure that is manufacturing
Removal of redundancies
Carbon emissions that are paid down
Constant cost and procedure optimization across the PV value chain
Re Search & Improvement Labs

Green Energy opened the photovoltaic industry’s greatest R&D and after-sales service center, which is found in Madrid, Spain. As the just solar PV Maker to set up its own all-inclusive product assessment, testing,

And service facility in Europe, enhanced client service is delivered by Green Vitality

to Western clients through every phase of the project life cycle.

Green Solar panels are well within regulatory conditions for toxicity based

on Accumulation Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) screening and therefore are not

considered hazardous waste. It is also possible to reuse our solar panels.

In United States, we now perform with PV CYCLE to manage the return and recycling of

Solar panels and we are committed to recycling outdated solar panels.

To find out more on our sustainability dedications, please see our latest

Business sustainability record.