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» Energize Your Home With a Virtually Free Power Source

» Get off the Pollution Power Grid

» Green Technology is Clean

» Exercise your right to Clean Power

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Free at last from Escalating Energy Bills

» Harvest Clean Energy

» Set up with no cost up front

» Adapts to Existing Infrastructure

» Make $$ Selling Power Back to the Grid

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Mobile Monitoring

Monitor the usage and efficiency of your system on your mobile device


Save money and reduce your electric bill to a minimum or nothing. Options to buy or lease your system.

Easy To Use

A solar system is hassle free and will continue to produce energy for you long into the future. Everything we design is built with simplicity & efficiency in mind.

Well Designed

A system that is so well engineered it comes with a 20 year guarantee! Panels are modular and easily replaced if damaged.

Clean Free Energy

Our neighborhood fusion reactor in the sky produces enough photo-voltaic energy to power our lives without any need to burn fossil fuels ever again to generate electricity.


Our Services

We will help you discover the best most efficient way to save money on electricity and help you find the best system to fit your needs.

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We have been building green systems for over 30 years and bring our experience to you so you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes we have seen time and time again that others make.

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Our Philosophy

We put our customers first. Always help others achieve their needs, desires and dreams and leave the world a better place than you found it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar panels really efficient enough to be cost effective?

Yes absolutely, but especially the more power you use, the more efficient they become. People who have high demand appliances and motors for pools and spas for instance can save more than folks who are very frugal and use very little power. With high efficiency battery backup systems now like the famous Powerwall from Tesla, it is becoming a reality that one can become 100% energy self sufficient. If you use less than $100 per month of electricity however, at this time it will not make sense to purchase a $7-10k Solar system as the time and cost to pay it off would be more than the power savings realized. People need to bear in mind that solar panels still degrade approximately .05-.07% per year in efficiency, losing about 10% in a 20-25 year period when they should be replaced at the approximate cost of $250 per panel.

How can I find out if solar will work for me?

First you should look at a Google Earth Map of your location to see how your home is situated for sun exposure. Second use this handy calculator to find out if your electrical usage will warrant changing over to solar from a purely expense perspective.

Does having a Solar System add value to my home?

Installing solar panels on your home does increase its value. For example, homes in California appreciate approximately 10% in value when they have solar power compared to homes without. If you want to buy a home that already has solar panels installed, expect to pay less in energy costs, plus any tax credits and rebate programs, and more for the up front cost of a home that is already set up for solar.

Host-owned solar energy systems typically add $15,000 to a home’s value, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

Solar Energy Calculator


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We can now see that the future may not be as bleak as has been predicted. Life on earth will not inevitably end up ruined from

the dire consequences of ever increasing carbon pollution from fossil fuel consumption. We can and must leave a legacy of clean

renewable energy for our kids and for future generations.  Let’s embrace the movement to expand clean sustainable energy solutions.

Solar adoption is the solution to affordably powering our lives and world with clean sun energy while preserving precious resources.

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