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» Energize Your Home With a Virtually Free Power Source

» Get off the Pollution Power Grid

» Green Technology is Clean 

» Exercise your right to Clean Power

Be Free from Ever-Increasing Energy Bills

» Harvest Clean Energy 

» Set up with no cost up front 

» Adapts to Existing Infrastructure

» Make $$ Selling Power Back to the Grid 

A System for Every Home

Find out just how effortlessly you can make the switch

Mobile Monitoring

Monitor the usage and efficiency of your system on your mobile device


Save money and reduce your electric bill to a minimum or nothing. Options to buy or lease your system.

Easy To Use

A solar system is hassle free and will continue to produce energy for you long into the future. Everything we design is built with simplicity & efficiency in mind.

Well Designed

A system that is so well engineered it comes with a 20 year guarantee! Panels are modular and easily replaced if damaged.

Clean Free Energy

Our neighborhood fusion reactor in the sky produces enough photo-voltaic energy to power our lives without any need to burn fossil fuels ever again to generate electricity.

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We will help you discover the best most efficient way to save money on electricity and help you find the best system to fit your needs.

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We have been building green systems for over 30 years and bring our experience to you so you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes we have seen time and time again that others make.

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Our Philosophy

We put our customers first. Always help others achieve their needs, desires and dreams and leave the world a better place than you found it.

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We can now see that the future is not so bleak and will not inevitably end with the crippling effects of ever increasing pollution caused by the endless burning of fossil fuels. We can and will leave a legacy of clean renewable energy for generations to come if we join the movement to expand solar adoption as the solution to power our lives and world with clean energy.

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We have been building homes and buildings for the past 40 years. We want to see sustainable energy grow and flourish everywhere.

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